Q doctor: From Seed To Acquisition With SomX

How Q doctor went from a seed stage healthtech startup to acquisition by eConsult.

About Q doctor

Q doctor is a telemedicine startup that provides NHS GPs, CCGs, clinicians, urgent and emergency care providers and hospitals with the technology needed to have safe, secure, easy to use video consultations with patients. Q doctor enables existing GPs to see patients over secure video directly from your practice using their technology, or they can provide providers with high quality NHS trained GPs digitally and cost effectively.

Key Services

Facebook ads driving patient uptake in key areas

Graphic design for ads and promotional materials

Blogs, video content, social media

Roundtable with Nesta and the Health Foundation

Press releases: £1.5M Series A led by Nesta & eConsult partnership

"We started working with somX at an early growth stage of Q doctor. They helped us with getting press coverage and designing all sorts of content for social media while we grew to acquisition. They really felt part of the team, and took on key areas needed for a fast growing company. Their approach took all the important factors into account and delivered excellent results. I would highly recommend their services for an early growth stage of business." Chris Whittle, Founder and CEO, Q doctor
Q doctor: From Seed To Acquisition With SomX
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