Holly Health: Scaling a B2B mental health solution

How we helped Grace and team with exposure to support NHS expansion

About Holly Health

Founded in 2020, Holly Health is a startup that helps individuals change their health intentions into clear daily actions, for mental and physical wellbeing. The service is a fully digital personalised, health coach that is scalable to population level.

Holly Health launched internationally to consumers in Summer 2021. Holly Health’s vision is to build working and living environments in which people are active, creative, free from restriction, and low in stress. By 2025, the company plans to have supported 5 million people to set up and maintain new, healthy habits.

The Holly app adapts to each person, with core focus areas of:

- Finding helpful coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety, like time outdoors, physical activity, and social connection

- Rebuilding a more flexible relationship with food, with less emotional eating and drinking.

- Keeping people moving despite our sedentary lifestyles

- Optimising sleep behaviours, for more daily energy, which impacts exercise, nutrition, and everything else.

Key Services and Results

Designed and executed a full multimedia content strategy

Social media posting across B2B & B2C channels utilising video, animation and graphic design

Design work to align all branding, website and social media assets

Specific psychology, mental health and primary care copywriting for short and long-form web and social content

Most recent milestone: Healthy ageing project & raise announcement

Lead on PR across all company milestones and external press opportunities. Coverage includes: Metro

Working with SomX

Linkedin: in our first year of working together (July 2021 - 2022)

+17700% increase in followers, currently 751 total (534 new)

+27755% increase in total impressions, 64,903 total

+40150% increase in total engagements, 4,830 total

“​​SomX feel like an extension of our team. Having an integrated marketing and PR partner, with expertise (and an audience) specific to the health environment, is so helpful to an early state startup like us. We’ve had a great experience so far - proactive and responsive team, great account management, strong relevant content (often created by medical professionals), providing PR combined with design, messaging, writing and social media. Overall they help us to go above and beyond what we’d be able to do on our own!” Grace Gimson, CEO
Holly Health: Scaling a B2B mental health solution
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