Our open positions at SomX

Media Production

Part time, around 4 hours per week

The Healthtech Podcast Producer

We're looking for a visionary all-rounder to be The Healthtech Podcast's producer



Freelance, Part Time

Healthtech Pigeon Copywriter

We're looking for a skilled writer to craft signature content for Pigeon.




Freelance Graphic Designers

We're looking for creative freelance graphic designers to work across clients


Content & PR

Full time

Account Executive (Social media)

We're looking for a dedicated account exec who likes variety & challenge.


Content, PR, Design

3 months, full time


We're looking for eager interns ready to dive into communications


We're a close knit team that have each other's backs

The most important thing to SomX is our people. We're collaborative, we support each other and we aren't afraid to make tough decisions to keep our environment positive and our team happy.

We believe in balance & work a 9-day fortnight

Work-life balance isn't just a phrase at SomX, it's a practice we live by. Our working 9-day fortnight means that you have the time to refresh and enjoy life outside the office. Join a team that values your well-being and invests in your personal growth.

We're a high-performance team

We strive for excellence and by joining SomX you're committing to lifelong learning, constantly innovating and giving your all. We look for people who share our drive for performance and growth.